Funny Profile

var campbell = { full_name: “Campbell Douglas Thomas Craig”, title: “Training Support Officer”, employer: “University of Melbourne – Web Services (Training and Documentation Team)” current_home_location: “Narre Warren, Victoria” education: { undergraduate: { location: “Swinburne University of Technology – Hawthorn Campus”, degree: “B.Multimedia (Media Studies, Telecommunications and Software Engineering)”, completion_date: “04-06-1999” }, postgraduate: { honors: “HumanContinue reading “Funny Profile”

HTML5 and WAI-ARIA Drama Llamas

Lately I was reading there was some noise surrounding HTML5 and the myth of WAI-ARIA redundance. It surprises me how quickly finding the actual problem here is dismissed as “who knows.” It almost seems as if some part of the accessibility community has shifted from promoting the writing of clean markup, to promoting write whatever theContinue reading “HTML5 and WAI-ARIA Drama Llamas”

What makes a good business card?

I’ve just been asked this question by many a client and I’m not so sure my answer was right. I said, ‘A good business card identifies a person with a product, brand (and/or) company and gives the contact details for that person.’ I didn’t mention creativity or design. Should I have done? I know itContinue reading “What makes a good business card?”

N64, SGI and Wii rant

I was just reflecting today on how 90ties were certainly era of “heavy” graphics, real-time rendering, texture mapping, and other techniques that made computer games more realistic and playing more attractive. Programmers were developing techniques to take out the most from hardware, graphic processing engines were optimized to make playing more fluid in 3D virtualContinue reading “N64, SGI and Wii rant”