What is a typical day for this data analyst?

Is it one that begins with a 52km commute to work and ends with a 52km commute home? Is it one that finds the analyst satisfied with his day or frustrated and/or angry? Does this analyst sleep peacefully or dream of blue screens or wireframes and URS’s? Does the morning find the analyst excited atContinue reading “What is a typical day for this data analyst?”

What’s a blog you say?

I guess a lot of people ask, what is the nature of a blog? To me, well, it is a piece of electronic text buried away amongst (possible) hundreds of thousands of the same. Its audience, probably specific-interest types or users of the same blogging site. Or people following links to the blog placed elsewhere.Continue reading “What’s a blog you say?”

Night Watch/Nochnoi Dozor

Renee and I watched this Russian movie at Arndale last night, called Night Watch Nochnoi Dozor, not bad to be honest, Renee didnt like it as much as me, but still enjoyed it as she got a headache from reading the subtitles while engrossed in the action. Me, being analytical on films, found the cinematographyContinue reading “Night Watch/Nochnoi Dozor”

My spam is getting funnier

Greetings, We need a vendor who can offer immediate supply.I’m offering $5,000 US dollars just for referring a vender which is (Actually RELIABLE in providing the below equipment) Contact details of vendor required, including name and phone #. If they turn out to be reliable in supplying the below equipment I’ll immediately pay you $5,000.Continue reading “My spam is getting funnier”