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With over 15 years of creating world class educational multimedia solutions, come and explore what I can do for your business.

What I can do for you

Protherics Application of Infection Prevention Principles Training modules.

My specialty is creating engaging and educationally sound digital learning experiences from individual units/modules to complete curriculum development using a variety of modalities and formats.

In the form of workshops, I can help you get a better understanding of what you would like.

Working together, I also enjoy consulting and advising your company on the best use of digital learning and help you improve design standards in line with your ways of working increasing your ROI.

3D character design for Asciano Limited Working Safely using PPE SCORM module.

I love the importance of quality art, graphic design and animation to help make the learning I create for you more aesthetically pleasing giving the user experience more memorable.

And I can do much more, just feel free to ask me. Nothing is impossible.

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