What is the A.G.E.S Model?

The A.G.E.S model is an essential concept in neuroscience that you can leverage to create effective learning programs necessary to improve employee performance.It’s effective and depends on how the human brain retains knowledge for a long time. A.G.E.S is an acronym which stands for Attention, Generation, Emotions, and Spacing. It has been proven that itContinue reading “What is the A.G.E.S Model?”

The importance of Style Guides

Most organisations and companies have style guides that cover the use of their logo and other graphic elements including reports, business card, stationery design and sometimes web page layout. These are useful documents from a branding perspective, but they generally don’t cover specific eLearning Interactive design requirements and this often results in inconsistencies across interactivities. ELearningContinue reading “The importance of Style Guides”

Being a nerd

Back in the early 80’s, my nerdiness could actually be seen from space, the cool kids didn’t know how cool I will be later on my life. I think the whole ‘nerd’ thing didn’t catch on until the late 80’s at the very earliest. The cool kids listened to either Bon Jovi, Hall and Oates,Continue reading “Being a nerd”


Providing learning opportunities at the right time to the right employees and making sure they contain the right materials is not a new concept. Just recently through my involvement with the eLearning Network, I have been fortunate to be a mentor for a person over in the UK. Mentoring is an intriguing and increasingly commonContinue reading “Mentoring”


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