eLearning Challenges

Every eLearning dev dreams of creating a course that helps learners fulfill their goals. However, taking a course idea and turning it into a thoughtful, engaging experience can sometimes be more difficult than it looks. Knowing how to approach some of these problems could help you from being caught off guard. As you know, there…

I love and hate Java

I used to think Java was the one of the best languages going, which is to say, it’s the marginally acceptable one among the set of complete loser languages that we have to work with out here in the real world. Java was far more pleasant to work with than C++ or Perl or even…

Back to teaching

Yes, that’s right folks, I am going back to teaching again. It’s been a while, but I am glad I have jumped ship. For those unaware, no I do not teach primary or secondary school students, I teach adults. Here in Australia, teaching adults falls under what is called “vocational” education. The Vocational Education and…

Learning Science

The science of learning isn’t often considered by L&D professionals. I have noticed that many fail to remember that learning is a physical process and when learning, the new knowledge is causes structural changes in the brain. It is important that learning professionals need to understand the science of learning, to help aid our design…


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