Amidst this COVID-19

It goes without saying, educational institutions around the world transferring their classes online in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it is evident that many academics are confronted with a steep learning curve, especially on effective online pedagogy. In today’s world, many educational institutions have digitised some of the learning programmes for students, especially at home.Continue reading “Amidst this COVID-19”

Adult Learning Rules

Starting a new job soon, I will be designing a lot of solutions for adults in the Vocational Sector here in Australia. From experience, when you create any learning solutions for adults, you need to consider the following; It goes without saying, try and use previous experience in the delivery. New learning should be linkedContinue reading “Adult Learning Rules”

Gaming thoughts

For those that know me, I have an affinity for board games. It seems some are constructed like a Mercedes and some seem constructed more like a Go Go Mobile. Some games respond actively to every touch of the pedal and hug the road on every twist of the wheel, while some have trouble shiftingContinue reading “Gaming thoughts”

Roll out strategy

It is incredibly disheartening to put all of your creative efforts into a piece of learning design for it to be largely ignored by your target audience. You’ve identified the organisational need, followed a robust design process and come up with a killer approach – so why won’t people engage with it? The answer isContinue reading “Roll out strategy”


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