ELearning and Marketing

Having worked both in eLearning and marketing, I have watched my profession shift to more learner/customer-centric, personalized tactics powered by data and technology. Customers had gotten too smart, too savvy. It no longer worked to shove our messages in front of a mass audience, hoping that a percentage of them would be convinced of whatContinue reading “ELearning and Marketing”

Mobile based Learning

We live in a society now that a modern-day corporate learner never leaves home without his or her smartphone. This mobile device, after all, serves as an extension of technology-savvy individuals. With it, they search the web for new information and of course keep themselves entertained. This alone creates new opportunities for you and otherContinue reading “Mobile based Learning”

Devising Instructional Strategies

Of late I have been receiving lots of queries on creating an Instructional/Learning Strategy. I am not going to define Instructional Design Strategy here. Instead I am going to share my childhood learning experience with you. As I go back to my younger days, I remember my mum and dad who used to have aContinue reading “Devising Instructional Strategies”

Onboarding/Induction Research

I was recently reading an article on ATD about Executive Onboarding: How to Hit the ground Running by Cheryl Ndunguru. It made me ponder on this and while everyone in the workplace has a part to play in the culture of their workplace, it is in my opinion, the people with official leadership roles who haveContinue reading “Onboarding/Induction Research”

Learning by Doing Book Review

Been reading a book called Learning by Doing by Clark Aldrich. Even though many of the examples in the book come from industry and the military, his frameworks allow those examples to be translated into higher education. I liked it because it had guidelines for developing and implementing simulations in real-life. I thought I would share withContinue reading “Learning by Doing Book Review”