Learning by Doing Book Review

Been reading a book called Learning by Doing by Clark Aldrich. Even though many of the examples in the book come from industry and the military, his frameworks allow those examples to be translated into higher education. I liked it because it had guidelines for developing and implementing simulations in real-life. I thought I would share withContinue reading “Learning by Doing Book Review”

The importance of BA and UX

A common problem I have come across recently seems to be that some stakeholders (and some of my family and friends) just don’t understand the role of BA and UX in eLearning. I believe this challenge can be absolutely solvable. Solving this however seems to be an ongoing process, and involves plugging the credibility gap,Continue reading “The importance of BA and UX”

Rewards and Game Mechanics

I have been reading a lot on game mechanics lately (in order to integrate some forms of ‘gamification’ into my eLearning projects) and found that to make great games compelling, the player’s experience and expertise needs to change over time and in meaningful ways. Games dole out just the right amount of challenge and learningContinue reading “Rewards and Game Mechanics”

Book Review (of sorts)

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Karl Kapp’s book, “The Gamification of Learning and Instruction” (Pfeiffer), just in time before the whole COVID19 Australia Post fiasco. What a delight! In an age when there’s so much confusion about this in the field, Kapp offers a timely, common-sense view ofContinue reading “Book Review (of sorts)”

Diversity Initiatives

With myself contracting the last 12 odd years, I have noticed that organizations with high workplace diversity often exhibit increased creativity and problem solving. Diverse values, skills, and experiences lead to different ideas. The more ideas there are, the easier it is to find the right solution. Additionally, organizations that embrace diversity are more openContinue reading “Diversity Initiatives”

Usability Tests

In my career I have sat through my share of usability tests and they are always a humbling experience. Months of planning, attention to detail and prioritization of usability is invalidated as your test subjects behave completely different from you expected. All of your assumptions made while planning the website turned out to be justContinue reading “Usability Tests”