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Upper Murray Family Care

In today’s society, it’s not uncommon for families to find themselves in crisis for any number of reasons. This training package was to support training prospective caregivers of children.

Modules included:

  • Types of Foster Care
  • Assessment of Foster Families/Individuals
  • Types of abuse, Harm and Trauma
  • General Health of the Child
  • Mental Health of the Child
  • Decision Making
  • Confidentiality
  • Your Rights as a Foster Parent
  • First Days
  • Behaviour Management
  • Body Language
  • Listening Techniques
  • Consequences
  • Support, Advocacy and Self Care

This Interactive CDROM used a hybrid of Macromedia Director and Authorware, for Upper Murray Family Care (Foster Care) with custom LINGO scripting and coding.

After receiving the HD for my Instructional Design class at University, I was entered into the Telstra “Interactive Intelligence” Awards where I won and was presented a Gold Award for Most Innovative Content (Student Project) accompanied with $5000 by Jeff Kennett to further develop the program.

Upper Murray Family Care Training
Typical Splash Page for each module.
Upper Murray Family Care Training
Screenshot from “Assessment of Foster Families” module
Upper Murray Family Care Training
Screenshot from “Assessment of Foster Families” module

The Good Guys

I was solely involved in all aspects of TGG’s Online Learning provision. During the time there, I created over 40 various deliverable types.

Projects include;

  • 360̊ Panorama based Hazard Identification Safety Compliance Training (Custom HTML 5)
  • PCI DSS Compliance Training (H5P and Articulate Storyline 360)
  • Australian Consumer Law Compliance Training (Articulate Rise)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Simulations x 10 (Adobe Captivate)
  • Safe Work Contractor Management Portal Simulations x 5 (Adobe Captivate)
  • Point Of Sale simulations with built in Interactive scenarios x 10 (Adobe Captivate)
  • Gold Service Extras Interactive Customer Journey Map with videos (Custom HTML 5)
  • ACL and Home Services Application and Online Help (Custom HTML 5)
  • VM Standard Assessment Application for Visual Merchandising Team (iOS Swift, XCode)
  • Interactive PDF Customer Experience Worksheets and Team Member Toolkit documents (Adobe Acrobat and Indesign)
  • Static and animated infographics (Adobe Creative Suite, mainly Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects)
  • Various videos and animations (Adobe Creative Suite, mainly Premiere Pro and After Effects)

VR Hazard Identification Game
VR Hazard Identification Game.
In Store
How to Introduce GSE (SCORM module)
Gold Service Extras (GSE) is a membership service which has many benefits – from store credits to exclusive member only offers and sales, giveaways, competitions and discounts on extras like petrol, groceries, movie tickets and more!
Simpson Washer Training
Interactive CYOA video SCORM for CREATE Sales Model.

Introducing Headsets Video
A showcase of the introduction of using headsets in our stores for all our Team Members. 
Workplace Intro Video
Workplace is a cloud-based scheduling solution designed for businesses to schedule TGG’s workforce (Team Members) and keep track of their daily activities
Catalytic Liners Video
As part of TGG’s Sales Model (CREATE), I developed a series of videos to help assist Sales Team Members to demonstrate and showcase some things in the Cooking Range, which may be difficult in person.

Reece Group

Projects include:

  • Point of Sale (TRS) System Simulations x 10 (Camtasia)
  • Delivery Engineering IT EcoSystem characters and personas x 20 (Adobe Creative Cloud)
  • Stock Management System Stocktake Simulations x 4 (Camtasia)
  • Getting Started in the DC (Video)
  • Discrimination and Grievances Policy (Articulate Rise)
  • Electronic Communication & Social Media Policy (Articulate Rise)
  • Thermann 32R Gas Continuous Flow System Training (Articulate Rise)
  • Basic OH&S (Articulate Rise)
  • Fraud and Theft (Articulate Rise)
  • Use of Telephones Policy (Articulate Rise)
  • Understanding Inward Goods (Articulate Rise)
  • Bin Locations (Articulate Rise)
  • Incidents and Injuries (Articulate Rise)
  • Racking in the Warehouse (Articulate Rise)
  • Use of Telephones Policy (Articulate Rise)

Sorry, due to nature of this contract, animated content available by request only.

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