My Design Process

As you can imagine, designing anything from scratch isn’t a walk in the park. Especially when you’re designing a learning course that is supposed to help people learn and develop skills and knowledge. A lot of planning, expertise, and hard work go into it.

There is one thing, whose presence can make or break the effectiveness of a digital learning course and that is a process.

Over the years, I have created this simple design and development process that I follow each time I create a new course. And while there are a lot of different methods and processes (Agile, ADDIE, SAM etc.) to eLearning development, I found my process works the best for me and the clients like the simplicity of it all. Along the way, we will give each other certain things to bring to the table but in the end, you will be happy with the results.

Campbell's Design Process
This is the process I follow when I meet clients.

What my clients have said…

He (Campbell) makes creating learning simple and understandable for everyone involved.

Director, Private RTO

Our choices and collaboration allowed us to create a complete solution in weeks instead of months.

Manager, Higher Education Provider

He (Campbell) has a gift of translating what we needed to a rich learning experience so quickly.

Marketing Professional, Private Company

Let’s design and build something together, now!

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