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University of Melbourne

Working in collaboration with business team leaders and documentation staff, structured course content and exercises which enabled University staff to understand and perform financial functions and tasks in their Oracle eBusiness Suite 11i ERP instance, they called THEMIS. I developed a suite of Online Learning modules to assist in this.

Also needed to create a few characters to be used in the scenario based system simulations created in Adobe Captivate.

Cengage Learning Australia

Global educational publisher, I was responsible for creating various interactive deliverable types across three markets (Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education) to help complement the textbooks they produced and distributed worldwide.

Mission: Français was an Interactive Whiteboard application which provided a comprehensive course for junior secondary French and was included for the top and bottom end of the ability spectrum. In this application, students were encouraged to think critically and engage with the language, using linguistic skills to work through problems methodically using the whiteboard’s built-in stylus, web camera functionality, and custom written voice recognition algorithms.

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